• We Make Cakes for ALL Occasions!

  • We Make Cakes for ALL Occasions!

  • Drip Cake Decorating for Adults

  • Would you like to learn how to decorate a trendy drip cake?
    Then this Drip Cake Decorating class is for you!

    NOTE: class is limited to 4 people.

    Each student needs to bring their own cake.
    All other ingredients, tools and equipment are supplied.

    Techniques Learned:

    • how to make swiss meringue buttercream
    • how to colour buttercream
    • how to fill and crumb coat a cake
    • how to icing a cake with buttercream to create stripes
    • how to make and colour chocolate ganache
    • how to pipe chocolate onto a cake for the drip effect
    • how to make chocolate shards
    • how to make buttercream roses