• We Make Cakes for ALL Occasions!

  • We Make Cakes for ALL Occasions!

  • Cake Decorating for Adults

  • Learn the basics of cake decorating from royal icing piped flowers progressing to covering a cake with fondant and decorating with fondant flowers you have made.

    All equipment and tools needed for the class is supplied for you to use.
    Equipment and tools are also available to purchase if you wish.
    Each week you will be required to bring either ingredients or premade icings or a cake or cupcakes.

    Weekly Schedule

    Week 1: Making royal icing and colour it to make flowers using a icing tip.

    Week 2: Icing your cake in buttercream and decorating it with your icing flowers from week 1. (Choose from 3 different decorating styles).

    Week 3: Making colourful butterflies from royal icing using a template.

    Week 4: Learning to ice cupcake with fondant and buttercream in 4 different styles, decorate with the butterflies made in week 3. (Bring 12 cupcakes).

    Week 5: Making fondant flowers, blossoms, daisies, roses.

    Week 6: Learning to cover a cake with fondant for a great finish and decorating with the flowers made in week 5. (Bring a cake)

    Week 7: Decorating cookies. Cookies will be supplied.