• We Make Cakes for ALL Occasions!

  • We Make Cakes for ALL Occasions!

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  • Melissa Rae Owner And Cake Decorator At Sweet Creations

    Sweet Creations NZ is based in the beautiful town of Blenheim in Marlborough, New Zealand. It is owned and operated by Melissa Rae.

    Shortly after moving to Blenheim in 2002, Melissa bought The Chocolate Shoppe in CentrePoint Mall on Market Street. The shop soon became a favourite of young and old Marlburians alike!

    A couple years later, due to customer demand for custom-made cakes, Melissa embarked on a journey of self-education - learning the art of cake making and decorating. As she developed her artistic skills and became more confident in her abilities as a cake maker / decorator, she began to take on bigger projects including wedding cakes.

    After about 10 years in business, unfortunate circumstances forced Melissa to make the hard decision to close The Chocolate Shoppe in early 2013. However, the closure of The Chocolate Shoppe did not mean an end to Melissa's love of baking, cake making and cake decorating.

    Melissa continued offering her services on a part-time basis. She also continued having cake and cookie decorating classes that she had started in the year or two prior to the closure.

    In 2013, Melissa decided to re-brand her (then part-time) business as Sweet Creations NZ to better reflect the new direction in which it was going.

    Now, Melissa is ready to spread the word about Sweet Creations NZ and she had this to say...

  • Through Sweet Creations NZ, I can dedicate my time to creating custom cakes, cupcakes and cookies as well as passing on my knowledge to others.

    I love creating new cake decorating classes for adults and kids and I enjoy meeting new people. I love seeing the enjoyment children get from the baking and decorating classes as well as from learning new skills.